Let's Teach Our Kids to Take Control of Technology

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

We are the first generation of parents to be raising children amidst the most rapid expansion of personal technology in human history... and we are duly worried that our kids could become digital addicts. With all this techno-gloom, it's easy to forget that technology is nothing but a set of tools that, with a little bit of training, can be put to active use and unleash amazing creativity.

There is no playbook for parenting in the digital age, only our best judgement. We can all start by limiting screen time, monitoring app usage or banning devices altogether, but of course that is a losing battle in the long term. It's time we teach our kids to take charge of the technology that surrounds them and not let it control them.

A key aspect of this is pursuing activities that help children understand that they have the power to create with technology, not simply consume it. This shift in mindset will not only help kids develop skills that will be critical to succeeding in a high-tech society, but also train them to see past the many digital traps that lie ahead.

Taking control of digital content through music mixing is what inspired me to start Young Moguls DJ Camp. Of course, learning basic DJ skills will not prepare kids for every technological eventuality, but it will show them the power and process behind digital music and allow them to create something new and unique they can share with friends. This way, the next time your kid turns to piece of digital content, she will know who's boss.

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